Why You Should Never Use Tap Water To Wash Your Face

It seems like everytime we turn around, something we thought was innocent is actually bad for us. This time the culprit is tap water. While tap water may seem good enough to wash our face with, it’s actually very aging and harmful to our skin. The hard metals in tap water such as iron, copper, zinc, and nickel can lead to redness and irritation according to dermatologist Julie Russak. (Via: Refinery 29)


So how do we get around using tap water to clean our face? Some experts suggest micellar water. Micellar water not only removes makeup and dirt from the skin, but it also doesn’t need to be rinsed off. Another way to avoid the harsh chemicals in your tap water is to get a water filter installed in your home, or a shower head filter to help rid of some of the metals and chemicals.

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