Former Penthouse Magazine owner opens his $30 million mansion to foster kids displaced by Irma

Millionaire Marc Bell who used to be an owner of the adult magazine ‘Penthouse’ opened the doors to his $30 million mansion to 70 foster kids displaced by Hurricane Irma. The foster children spent 5 days waiting out the storm in emergency shelters but once the storm was over, they found that their foster home was inhabitable because their community had yet to regain power.

Bell, who is on the board of their foster care community said that when he heard the news, the decision to bring the kids in was a “no-brainer” to him and his wife Jennifer. Plus, the have plenty of room in their 27,000 ft. home.

“Today, we had manicures for the little girls,” Marc Bell said. “We got Bobby the balloon guy coming later to entertain them. Yesterday during dinner, we had a singer come who plays guitar and sang songs with them.”

While he is unsure how long the children will be staying with him, he has set up a Go fund me page in the meantime to help with expenses to make their foster care homes habitable again. He assures he is doing his part to help as well.

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