Nas celebrates his birthday with Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nasir Jones, or better known as Nas celebrated his birthday last night and none other than Nicki Minaj was by his side. In one video, they can be seen dancing as someone brings him his birthday cake. In another video where Nicki is recording herself, Nas comes in the video to smother her in kisses while she playfully yells “Nasir, stop!” (We’re upset about this too.)

There has been speculations about them dating for months, ever since they posted a photo together but it’s clear as day now that the speculations were true.

While some people believe this could be a publicity stunt, Nas isn’t known to do things like this for publicity (he doesn’t need it.) And he has had a past of liking female rappers, as he was married to artist Kelis.

Nicki Minaj however just recently went through a breakup with rapper Meek Mill, so we’re hoping that her intentions with Nas are real and not some sort of “rebound fling” or a case of her trying to save her reputation as Meek Mill was picked on by Drake, Safaree, and other rappers in the game during practically their whole relationship. Maybe she knows that nobody will come for Nas and she needs a man like that for the sake of her own image.

Whatever the case, we wish them the best with their relationship!

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