Acceptance Of Dictatorship Stems From Fear And Hate

Why would anyone allow a dictatorship to take place in their country? That’s a question I’ve asked for a long time, however it’s becoming more and more clear where the acceptance of dictatorship comes from; fear and hate of another group or groups of individuals.

Fear and hate is a powerful mixture and can control large groups of people, especially when spread simultaneously and when using propaganda, the news and media know this all to well. For example, If I wrote an article each day targeting a specific group of people, I could subliminally plant a seed in your mind that the said group is the reason to all your problems and is to be hated or feared. That concept is easy for people to grasp on to as it is much more satisfying to the ego to have a scapegoat to blame for our life’s mishaps. When that message is spread virally and in unison, it is even easier to plant that message in the minds of the people.

From the beginning of time man has separated himself by color, ethnicity, religion, and other sets of beliefs or values. By doing this, the man feels he can differentiate himself from others on some sort of “grading scale.” Therefore feeding his ego. Fear and hate are the building blocks of ego. So when a dictator comes around who feeds those beliefs, therefore feeds the mans ego, the man is willing to accept this dictatorship in exchange for the feeling of superiority.

We must abandon this ideology as it does not serve our highest self, but our lowest. We should not fear other groups of people, but rather be eager to connect with and understand them. Connection is the first step to truly understanding another person, but it is a choice you have to voluntarily make and work at. Once we begin to fight fear and hate with understanding and love, we will truly be free from dictatorship and supremacy.

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