12 Questions With The King Of Jerk Young Sam

We caught up with one of the pioneers of the jerk movement Young Sam and asked him 12 questions. Young Sam is an American rapper, producer, actor, and engineer straight from sunny California. If you haven’t heard of him you’ve been sleeping but we’re here to wake you up! So let’s jump right in to the questions:

1.)  How long have you been making music?

Young Sam:  I’ve been creating music for over 8 years.

2.)  Do you consider yourself a lyricist?

Young Sam:  I do but at this state of hip hop lyricist are not standing out.

3.)  In your opinion, is jerking dead?

Young Sam:  I feel like that’s like saying is breakdancing dead ? Is salsa dead ? Is Twerking dead ? lol it’s one of those type of questions .. a dance can’t die.

4.)  What made you start rapping? What made you take it seriously?

Young Sam: When I was in high school I used to bootleg CDs and sell them lol but always was doing music then I started sneaking my songs at the end of the mix and people were asking what song is that and it helped me take it more serious.

5.)  Who are some of your musical influences?

Young Sam: Lil Wayne inspired me to do music without a doubt so Lil Wayne and 2pac will always be my favorite , the topics 2pac choose to write about were amazing.

Young Sam on the set of 106 and Park with Rocsi and Terrence



6.)  What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Young Sam: Most people don’t know that I really produce and engineer when I’m in the studio I don’t have to send the song to anyone to get it completed I do it all & most people don’t know my voice is on almost every artist song in the game from RJ to Lil Yachty to Famous Dex to Joe Moses to Trippie Redd and many more.

7.)  If you could work with anyone musically who would it be and why?

Young Sam: Chris brown that would be a guarantee hit and it’s so talented to me he’s the closest to Michael Jackson in my opinion.

8.)  What do you think about our current president?

Young Sam: Fuck Donald Trump.

9.)  What’s a common stereotype about yourself?

Young Sam: Tattoos, people judge me by my tats.

10.)   What was your first tattoo?

Young Sam: My first tat was actually my name hahaha I was so excited to finally get a tattoo that I didn’t even know what to get my mom would never allow me to get tatted.

11.)  What are you working on now?

Young Sam: I produced 8 songs on my friend Traffic album I produced a record on there with ScHoolboy, also a record with AD and many more. I’ve also been acting and creating new content all independently.

12.)  What advice would you give to up and coming rappers?

Young Sam: Follow your dreams… if music is something you love give it your all and never limit yourself to knowing only one thing why just know how to rap when you will need someone to produce your song then you will need someone to engineer your songs ?

When asked if there was anything he’d like to include in this interview: “Thanks for the wonderful opportunity shout out to my good friend Morgan.”



Instagram: @PapiChuloSam

Twitter: @SamMight69Her

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