One of the recent frenzies on social media is the #ForTheDChallenge. As you all may think, D is in reference to the one thing men have and women do not (take a guess). The challenge consist of someone free-styling over a particular instrumental, explaining what they would do for sex. In the challenge, the things they would do range from extreme to hilarious.

The women have shown their rapping and comical skills decently (Issa Rae and Regina Hall to name a few), but the men had to return the favor with the #ForThePChallenge. It is simply the same process, just dedicated to a woman’s rose instead and I feel it brings more laughs. Not because I am a man, but because of Micheal Blackson’s challenge. His bars were too funny! Him and Erykah Badu were actually the 1st celebrities to participate in the fun – causing many others to join in.

If you are yet to hear/see one of these challenges, or just interested in sharing a laugh this afternoon, hit this Erykah and M. Blackson challenge link and see what all the buzz is about.

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