Kreayshawn’s New ASMR Podcast is Just What We Needed

Rapper, director, and DJ Kreayshawn just introduced to us a unique podcast that she and her good friend Brittney Scott created called “Shh Radio” that explores the use of ASMR to aid against depression and anxiety which she says she and Brittney both suffer from. In this podcast, they use ambient music, soft gentle sounds, and the use of whisper to discuss whichever topic is at hand. These sounds are sure to give you the relaxation your mind craves. (Note: Wear headphones to get full experience.)

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a term used to describe the experience of a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin and body. This sensation is usually triggered by specific acoustic, visual, and digital media stimuli. it has been described as “Sounds that feel good.”

Kreayshawn and Brittney have a new show exploring ASMR


ASMR has been known to help many people suffering from anxiety and depression including Katie who writes: “Yes, It does help with stress. When I am very stressed out and need to relax, I listen to calming ASMR videos. Usually not role plays, because my mind is already moving quite fast and it is hard to follow along with them. When in this state, I prefer ASMR of just talking; comforting in a soft spoken voice or whisper, and sometimes giving advice on anxiety or panic attacks. I discovered it when I was very anxious for a long time and was struggling to find ways to cope. I looked up “ASMR Anxiety” and was pleasantly surprised to find many ASMR videos regarding anxiety help. I have PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, so ASMR videos alone do not do the trick. But they are a great help when I need to calm down and other coping skills are not working.” (

Kreayshawn and Brittney go live 9pm PST on DashRadio ( or you can watch past episodes on

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