Pray For Las Vegas


As the Route 91 Harvest Festival’s last day of concerts was being enjoyed, with country singer Jason Aldean performing, someone decided to shower the place with bullets.

Just after 10 pm, Sunday (Oct. 1, 2017) night, Stephen Paddock felt the need to unleash his unknown fury on a Las Vegas festival last night. Stationed on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, directly across the street from the concert, he shot holes through the hotel’s window while maliciously aiming at the magnificent crowd of concertgoers. After killing 50 people, and wounding at least 200 – 300 more, the man of pure evil was found dead by the Las Vegas police in his hotel room by, what CNN reports, a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Taking the title away from the Pulse Nightclub Shooting of June 2016, this shooting is now the worst mass shooting in American history. Unremarkable, I honestly can not comprehend the amount of hate and passion it takes to deliberately kill so many innocent people; anyone for that matter.

Of course, the 45th President of the United States made a statement about the entire ordeal. He named it an “act of pure evil.” I am not trying to turn it into anything political, but this shooter was a 64 year old, white male; a retired accountant, with no criminal background. His family is dumbfounded as to where he had gotten the rifles and as to why he would do such a thing. He was not an immigrant. He was a U.S. citizen – go figure.

Thanks to Russell Bleck, we have an insight as to what it felt like being in the crossfire last night. Here is a video, recorded by him, that was posted onto his Instagram page.

I know this has not impacted you as if it has the people actually there, or the 50 families hurt by losing a loved one, but what we all need right now is prayer. Take 15 minutes out of your day today, and say a prayer for yourself and everyone inflicted by this outrageous act of terror. No one deserves to be killed just because s/he is out having a great time.

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