Replay or Throw it Away?


As a new writer to this blog, I have received a lot of great reviews. Thank you. Thinking of something slightly new, I have decided to start a segment entitled “Replay or Throw it Away,” this will give upcoming (and already established) artists to showcase some music and receive feedback. I will drop a fresh track from someone (any genre of music) I feel is decent enough for others to hear, twice a week (Monday and Friday). Once you hear the track, leave your honest opinion below in our comment section. If you rock with it, be sure to follow the artist and check out more of his/her music; support.

Want to submit a track? Email us at with the subject line – Gossip Trap Music Submission & the artist’s name.

To start things off, here’s a track from your newest blogger homie; me. F.N.T (Fuck N***a Tendencies) .

Produced by Erin Baker (Shake&Bake of CapStudios), it speaks on all the non-sense of dealing with *fugazzi people. If you know someone who is full of shit, you will rock with it. Click the F.N.T link above, and let me know if we should Replay it or Throw it Away. 



Instagram: _CHIBOY_

*Fake and/or fraudulent. 



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