Hurricane Relief Effort.

Honestly, I told myself I would never write about this guy, but he is continuing to act in such an unprofessional manner; I had no choice. Everyone should know there were a great amount of storms (13) this hurricane season. Seven of those storms were hurricanes, and four of those hurricanes were ranked at a category three or higher. Irma, Maria, Jose, and Harvey.

Trump giving back in Puerto Rico was something to see. I have no words of non-disgust after seeing how the President of the United States acted. Throwing paper towels, comparing New Orleans to Puerto Rico, telling people the death tolls there were not that high. A death is a death, and it should not matter the location, the government is supposed to make sure each citizen (within the States or Islands) are taken care of properly. Let him tell it, the response to these catastrophes was a job well done.

With the situation with Joel Osteen’s church being closed to the Harvey victims, America has been on edge with the “help” projected after these storms. Yes, Hurricane Katrina was a major tragedy. Yes, evacuation was something put into consideration, but with tickets being raised from $30 to $500, how can anyone actually leave! The geography of the U.S. Island made the relief hard to do, says the White House. Yet, America has National Guard, U.S. Navy, and many other ways to get through the air and/or sea.

Just please understand that the Mayor of San Juan and the other cities are in need of help.  Florida, Texas, Georgia, and everyone hurt by this storm season are still in dying need of help. If you do not like American RedCross (I understand you), you can go stream Mi Gente by J Balvin/Willy William featuring Beyonce’ on YouTube, or Tidal. Its proceeds are set to help with the hurricane relief efforts. Below, you can find a few more links to donate (money and clothes, etc.). If you are able, lend a helping hand, we are in this together.

Salvation Army Harvey Relief

Global Giving Organization 

All Hands Disaster Relief


Puerto Rico Relief Information

I understand money is not the only way to help out, so check out a few of the links above to see exactly if/where you can help.









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