Police Release The 911 Call From Young Dolph’s Shooting to Public

Last week, Memphis rapper and P.R.E affiliate Young Dolph was fatally shot at The Shoe Palace at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles. Police have released the 911 call reporting the incident.

Check out the 911 call reporting Young Dolph’s shooting below.

In the short video, a man can be heard speaking to police about the incident that had just unfolded before his eyes. Understandably, the conversation is quite scattered, with the caller seemingly being unable to offer a straight forward response to the policeman’s questions. In my eyes from experience seeing someone get shot isnt the easiest thing to digest.

The conversation described above mirrors the chaos that unfolded when Dolph was shot in the final days of September. According to LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar, the conflict that led to Dolph’s shooting began as a heated verbal confrontation.

“They had an argument, which escalated to a physical fight,” Aguilar said last week. “At one point, Young Dolph was knocked to the ground. And then one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and began shooting at him.”

In the days following Dolph’s shooting, a 43-year-old man by the name of Corey McClendon was arrested in connection to the shooting. McClendon is a known associate of Yo Gotti, a rapper Dolph beefed with earlier this year. Which explains why Yo Gotti’s “Hit Man” was released just 2 days later. hqdefault

The rapper, who’d had over 100 shots fired at his bulletproof SUV last winter, is currently recovering after his shooting. The last time he was shot at, he released an album called Bulletproof.




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