Here’s One Beauty Hack You May Not Know..

Fall is here! I’m sure most can agree that lipstick is one of the most exciting beauty enhancements of this season, from Merlot burgundy’s to Chocolate brown’s. Here is one beauty hack that is useful if you run out of your fave lipstick or just simply want to create your own lippie.

The secret ingredients are crushed blush and a lip balm of your choice (E.g. Carmex).


Here’s how it works:

  1. ‘Crush the blush’ – Choose whichever color you desire.. Be sure to crush in a place you’re not afraid to get messy or perhaps in a small container. You can always crush off small portions of the blush by scratching it off with any stick-like item.
  2. Take whichever lip moisturizer you chose, and mix into the blush.

And there you have it – A new lip color!



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