Replay or Throw it Away?

To start the morning off right, I would like to drop a new visual I’ve stumbled across. For many of you, John Legend’s track Penthouse Floor ft. Chance The Rapper is not anything new, but the visual for it surfaced Oct. 12, 2017, and I feel it has to be seen by more than 1.3mil people.

The dynamic duo came together and smacked the living inequality out of everyone. “Til we can rise some more, go to the penthouse floor…” is what Legend sings as he cascades through the hallways of turmoil, staying connected to his peace of mind; making his way up to the Presidential suite in a hotel that’s being protested against. The signs held by the protesters range from “Black Lives Matter” to “The future is Female.”

I feel that is shining light on many of the discrepancies of today’s sociological shifts due to the new White House cabinet. I can infer that because of a similar red hat (infamous red hat worn by T supporters) seen in a few scenes of the video.

Bars of Chance I felt will be missed: “…I’m in the penthouse, baby/handpicked from bad apples and bad eggs/Held back/I had to grab crab legs…” What do you think these lines mean? People pick over fruit and eggs all the time; the one we feel is the best is chosen. Also, can try to connect God and the pain/blessings of child barren and/or fertilization. Let’s not forget, the crabs in a barrel syndrome the Chicago native might have to fight through.

This track is extremely dope, and the visual makes it even dopier (as in even more dope, not stupidly high – LOL). If you want to check out the visual, click the link in the second sentence of this story, or simply, scroll down and watch it below. Also, let us know if we should “Replay or Throw it Away?” in our comment section.


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