Replay or Throw it Away?

Before I sign off tonight, I would like to give light to another track I stumbled across today. MYSELF ft Zxxk is a track from Mani Jurdan of HUEYGANG music coming from Chicago, IL. 

A single from his latest project Ntro 2 Da Ntro, MYSELF is a track that speaks about the artist’s ability to handle certain things without any help. Many people have lied about who they were, but Mani Jurdan raps that he will continue to stay true to himself, no matter what. Handouts and free-bees are things this guy will not accept, and this dope-filled joint exemplifies that fact. “Fuck a jump on/I can do that by myself/fuck a writer/I can do that by myself…” is what the chorus tells. With the flow switches within the verses, you can’t help but vibe with it. 

To check out the track, click the link above or simply, scroll down and use the soundcloud link. Enjoy the sounds of Mani Jurdan, and do not forget to let us know if we should “Replay or Throw it Away?” in the comment section.







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