What the hell is up with y’all mans Kevin Spacey?

The above image is a self written “apology” from the “American Beauty” actor, Kevin Spacey. It comes hours after Anthony Rapp (RENT 2005) spoke about being sexually assaulted by him back in 1986. The two met while performing on Broadway in two different shows. After their shows ended, Spacey invited the young man to a party celebrating the completion of the Broadway season. While alone in a closed room, Spacey allegedly began to touch Rapp in an unkindly manner. Before stopping, he laid on top of the teen and continued to caress him. Happening almost 31 years ago, Spacey was about 25, Anthony, 14. 

No matter the sex, race, or sexual orientation, this age range is preposterous. If the young adult is not 18 years old, or older, it is statutory rape. If the individual, any age, says “no” or “stop” and the assailant continues, it is rape/sexual assault. 

I can care less about the Spacey’s accolades. I do not care about him coming out to the world as a gay man. I feel him choosing to now “live as a gay man” is belittling to the gay community. There is nothing wrong with embracing yourself, but this was not the time nor the place to do it.

He did not come to his fans and apologize for the evil act he  conducted (allegedly), “but if I did behave then as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior…” is what he stated. I don’t know how you all took this, but as I read it, it seemed as if he was trying to say “not saying I did it or I didn’t, but if he wants to say I did do it, then I apologize.” After years of secretly (privately as he put it) sleeping with men and women, he waited until he was being accused to examine his own behavior. Cop out? I think so. There isn’t anything wrong with bisexuality (aroused by both men and women) in today’s society, but for a closeted homosexual to feel it is okay to take advantage of children sexually is frustratingly unacceptable. 

I have no clue what occurred in that room 30 something years ago, but I feel Anthony Rapp is a strong individual to continue to push through the world after that ordeal. Lupita Nyong’o and everyone connected to the Harvey Weinstien investigation, are also strong individuals. The amount of courage it takes to actually speak up about these type of situations should not go overlooked.

Though I felt a way about how the Micheal Jackson and Bill Cosby situations were handled, I feel Spacey, Weinstein, and Bill O’Reilly should begin feeling the wrath they felt. Do you all know the King of R&B music, R. Kelly? Well, he too receives a lot of hatred for dating younger aged women. I say that to say, the heat in the kitchen should be dealt to whomever is standing inside of it, not just certain individuals (consequences on sexual assault should be the same across the board).

30 years is a long time to keep quiet, though Rapp did tell his close colleague in 1999 about the acts, I feel the country does not do enough to reassure people that it is okay to speak out about these things. Sexual intercourse is meant to be fun and peaceful for both parties involved, not an act of terror and/or fear.

If you or anyone you know are being sexually abused call the National Sexual Abuse hotline: 800.656.HOPE (4673).







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