Men Making Moves in 2017: Artist, Arrington Porter





A fellow 90s baby from the midwest (Evanston, IL) has been making the world a more beautiful place. From his mellow personality to his angelic artworks (music and paintings), I feel he is a muse that everyone should embrace with respect and appreciation.

Growing up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with his grandparents, Porter understood his love for creating was real. In high school (Des Plaines, IL), he was truly interested in both sports and art. The dilemma of choosing one to dedicate his time to was not hard to make, at first. He decided to play sports, but once senior graduation began to creep around the corner, the thoughts of his future did so as well. Everyone understands that the next step after high school is college. He focused on getting accepted into Northern Illinois University (NIU), but after receiving the acceptance letter, he was faced with another dilemma: what should he major in?

To escape the craziness of being a freshman at the University, Porter began to draw much more. The serenity it gave him helped himself recognize the God given talent he was blessed with. After a little communication with his personal savoir, about life and goals, he understood that a major in illustration would be the best path to take. 

“I do what I do because it’s one of the few things that makes me feel whole. Whenever I’m working on a piece I feel at my most comfortable state. Most of the time I feel as if what I paint or construct better communicates who I am rather than a face to face conversation. I enjoy making something from nothing, and transforming it into a piece that’s like an extension of myself.”

With his skill level and professionalism similar to one of his inspirations, Kehinde Wiley, Porter has mastered the craft of Oil, Acrylic and many other forms of painting. He also is a beast with the old school pen/pencil sketching. Chance The Rapper,  Micheal Jordan, Solange, Metro Boomin, President Barack Obama, and even 45th himself (the list of individuals could continue, respectfully) were remarkably brought to life within the portrait world thanks to this young man.

Although they are paintings, they are structural; surrealism. Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali are three famous surrealist artists, and honestly, Arrington Porter can be added to that list when it is all said and done. Art has no age, it has no distinct region, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc., etc., and I feel it brings the world closer together. The creator of the art should do it with purpose, not just because. Although a lot of art has been produced to the world accidentally, Wassily Kandinsky stated “abstract colors and forms can be used to express the ‘inner life’ of the artist,” and I find that to be true with Porter’s works.

      “I would say that a couple of the things I’m trying to push myself more with my work is storytelling and just all around taking more risks with my creations. At times it appears that the art world can be a bit too political and less about the artwork or the craft of the artist.” 

As a visionary with goals, I feel that perfecting the craft of whatever duty you take on should be numero uno on the list. Yes, people may get paid for things you feel you should get paid for, but it may not be your time yet. In that idle time, don’t waste away, perfect your craft. Once the numbers start to roll in, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a ticket; you will already have one, and I’m sure it will be golden.

Porter is a young man changing the world, one brush stroke at a time. The year, 2017, has been a rocky one for many of us, and having an outlet to express certain feelings is hard to achieve. Some people may go to the 32nd floor and let off rounds of army ammo, walk into a church and kill the congregation, take the life of their true love, or just simply assault an individual less powerful than they are. Yet, despite his trials and tribulations, Porter will pick up a pen/pencil or his paint and easel, and  let it out; personifying the emotion purely. Though the above portrait is of rapper Kendrick Lamar, looking at it again, you may see (or feel) the emotion oozing from him.

For more information about the dope artist, Arrington Porter, follow his Instagram: @heir_porter, SoundCloud: Arrington Porter, or just slide over to his website:  He is definitely someone Making Moves that you all should know, so go check him out. Make sure you tell him JIMMY sent you.



*1. BOLD – Quotes from Arrington Porter, 2. Images provided from Arrington Porter’s Instagram/FaceBook/Google search, 3. K. Wiley & W. Kandinsky info from 2nd party (we do not own the rights to it). 






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  1. I was a friend of your parents, and they both were wise and beautiful people. I started a promo called Roxcty, my son combined Pocket City with my name. The goal was to start a label. Would like to meet you in Waukegan at Washington and MLK corner, called “Art Space”. They sell paintings and I can give you photos of your father, he gave me some things to give you.

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