Men Making Moves in 2017: Boxer, Shawn “SS” Simpson

Shawn “SS” Simpson

“My drive is to win. I’m very competitive, and I don’t like being second to nobody.”

Hailing from the south side of Chicago, IL, Shawn Simpson has been on an outstanding winning streak. Standing at a whopping 5′ 4”, this boxer has been making elevated moves in and outside of the ring. With an amateur record of 201 – 20, a professional record of 6 – 0 (2-TKO),  and his empowerment/training of the youth interested in the sport of boxing, he can officially be labeled as a phenomenal beast.

The youngest of 5 boys, Simpson began boxing at the age of 10. By 13 years old, he held the title of Junior National Golden Gloves Champion (2005, 2007, & 2010).  He obtained 7 different titles within the span of 6 years,  including consecutive National PAL Championships. Simpson transcended from being ranked number 10 in the world, to number 1 on the continent of North America, to number 1 in amateur boxing within the United States. At the age of 24, he already has 12 championships – outstanding! 

Simpson has competed around the world, and was the London, 2012 Olympic alternate and sparring partner of Rau’Shee Warren and Joseph Diaz. In 2015, he fought his first professional match. After that win, he has not slowed down or plan on doing so. Do you think he is playing with this? Watch him killing the pads while training. If that is still not enough to make you give this amazing competitor his props, watch him gain a TKO against Luis Guerrero.  

With his uncle and grandfather both being former boxers, Simpson acquired great forms of inspiration. A push from his father also helped the boxer become dedicated to the sport. Him being undefeated gives everyone an insight to the training of Montell Griffin ( S/O his assistant trainer & cut-man Joe Ponce & former trainer Nate Jones). Griffin has the Bantamweight heading into the right direction. Though Simpson has stressed the importance of making sure his family is well, the boxer’s addiction to being his greatest self seems as if it’s the best motivation for him to keep glowing up. 

The next guy on his hit list is Roberto Pucheta. The fight will be held November 21, 2017 in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Comparing the two men stats, it should be a no-brainer for the continuously evolving Shawn Simpson. With the gym his second home, his reassurance of faith, and his hunger to succeed, I do not see him taking a lost any time soon. 

Majority of the members within this generation, “the millennials” or better yet, “90’s babies,” are interested in making their dreams a reality. This young man is doing just that. No stupidity or any other immature actions will be seen by him. Although Chi-Town will always be home, Simpson is a humble lion stepping outside the jungle of Chicago. He is determined to show the entire world who the king of the ring will be – one TKO at a time.

The professional boxer, Shawn Simpson, is definitely one of the Men Making Moves in 2017. To learn more about him, follow his Twitter: @shawn_simpson2 , Instagram: @shawn_simpson2 , Facebook: Shawn Simpson, or shoot an email to his Advisor – Antoine Gooch: – Let him know Jimmy sent you.



*Pictures obtained from Shawn “SS” Simpson’s camp. Video links are courtesy of YouTube, used with permission for this write up. We own the rights to neither of them. Thanks for reading, don’t sue us. 


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