Replay or Throw it Away?

Dreezy ft PnB Rock – “Can’t Trust A Soul”

“Know I said I want a couple M’s
But now I want B’s in a vault!”

I hope you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. We ate a lot of turkey, edibles, and mac & cheese ourselves.

With it being Monday, I want to come with another “Replay or Throw it Away?”, this week’s entry is Chicago, IL’s very own, DREEZY.

November 16th, the young Hip-Hop mogul dropped a track entitled “Can’t Trust A Soul” ft. PnB Rock.

As you can imagine, the track is doper than Chris Rock off of New Jack City.

“These niggas be hatin’, these niggas be fakin’ it
They talkin’ bout money, they ain’t really get it
These bitches be snakin’, these bitches be grimey
They be tryna lie to me, they be thinkin’ I’m slippin’
I stay on my toes, niggas be thinkin’ they low
Bitches be thinkin’ I’m slow, little do they know
Everyday I got my pole, I swear I can’t trust a soul.”

With the rapper’s flows switching smoothly and an ear tugging hook from PnB Rock, this track can easily start rising on the charts.                                                                                                                                        If you tired of this generation of pumpfakers and that hating-goofy shit, you will most definitely rock with this track. Check it out below, and let us know what you think.



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