Replay or Throw it Away?

As you all may know, SZA has a few tracks from her ablum CTRL that her fans were dying to see visuals for, and “The Weekend” is one of them for sure. With it being spoken of as a side-chick anthem, many people were desperately wanting to see a battle between three women, or even just an appearance of the “my man, is your man” man, but nope – we did not get that at all. Directed by Solange “Don’t Touch My Hair” Knowles, the visual is somewhat more soulful than the song. To a certain extent, it shows another side of SZA. The artist is dancing and expressing her love of her self worth, her own space. I think it’s interesting. The camera angles, the play of repetition with certain movements, and the epilogue to it: “one opted out. an unbalance of power shifted the whole tide. It waved, and waved,” all plays a huge part in the “Broken Clocks” singer reconnection with herself. Many people are clowning the visual and saying it makes no sense at all, but I think everyone should watch it with a open mind; listen to the song, and actually sit and watch it.

Well, enough of my input – click the video below to see what you think of it. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.



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