Men Making Moves in 2018: Entrepreneur, Brandon Baumet

Meet the C.E.O of B² Bars,

Brandon Baumet 

“I think every young entrepreneur has to face the resistance of all the adults who don’t want to see you succeed without going through the school system…”

Have you ever felt tired of the regular 9 – 5 shift? How do you feel waking up everyday to attend school though you are not interested in the educational system? Well, this teenage genius has answered both of those questions within his one year of creating the B² Bars.

Born and raised in Aurora, IL, Baumet was indulged into the sales business as early as the third grade. In his biography, he says: “[In school we] would get prizes for practicing piano, so I’d get a ton of eraser heads for pencils and I’d sell them to my classmates… It was a third grade heaven for me to make a few dozen dollars a week!” That is hustle-nomics 101 if you ask me.

Although the high schooler understands he is not interested in the classroom setting, he also understands that becoming a couch potato is not possible. So after class one day, he brainstormed through 140 business ideas. After two weeks of contemplation, he realized a health/energy bar was the best thing to re-create and extend all of his energy and extra time into. With only $40, he bought his first ingredients and began to experiment with a family pastry recipe until he brought his concept to life.

Baumet went from only being able to produce 8 bars per day, to producing 100 bars per day. With his redefined packaging, he has the ingredients listed and a few other nutritional facts. I personally could not try them when the opportunity came about, due to a peanut allergy, but the students and peers I have spoken with about them believe that the B² Bars are outrageously awesome.

2018 is a year for people to prosper, and from his friends JoshTMagic, Rick Stevenson, and a few others, the amount of motivational support he receives is tremendous. The young mogul is on the journey of purchasing a commercial kitchen. He yearns for more space to create and the ability to hire someone from his generation as his first employee. 

“…A win for someone else is almost always a win for us all,” is what the creator says daily. The positive energy that oozes out of this young man is very contagious. The generation underneath mine is sometimes seen as lost or irrational, but Brandon Baumet proves that to be incorrect. His business is not about the revenue he may receive, but the peace  of mind he receives in knowing he is, in fact, the owner of his own peace. That alone makes him someone you guys should know and support, but his hustle makes him one of my #MenMakingMoves in 2018.



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