Replay or Throw it Away? 2 Chainz – “PROUD” ft. YG, Offset

“Momma ain’t Raise no hoe!”

Another video I feel needs a lot of recognition is 2 Chainz’s latest visual for his single “PROUD” ft. YG & Offset.

I think it is a great ode to each of the men’s mothers, and anyone who was raised by a single mother. The connection between a mother and her son is seen graciously throughout each of the artists’ verses and the visual is a great depiction of that. Did you ask if there was a plot twist? Well, see – 2 Chainz’s OG (original gangsta, mother, or grandmother. In this post, we just gone use it as momma) is smoking that decent herb, YG’s OG shaking up with him, and Offset’s OG counting up the money; while all being in their own trap houses. If I’m lying – I’m flying, and Sallie Mae got a dude pockets a little tight so shid, I’m telling the truth.

I loved the video man. It reminded me of my aunts and grandmother. With the amount of love, peace, and happiness within this video, you would have to be a Trump-supporting hater to not appreciate the good vibes in it. Don’t believe me? Click the link below and see for yourself. Don’t forget to let us know if we should Replay or Throw it Away?

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*Pictures from Google and/or 2 Chainz’s Instagram. Video from YouTube.


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