Replay or Throw it Away? AZAR ft. ALLO x Litty

My hiatus from writing did not stop dope tracks from dropping. With that being said, I think it is time to jump back into my Replay or Throw it Away? segment. I have a few releases I feel the world should not snooze on, and the first will be from my hometown of Chicago, IL.

“I got all this money on me fucking up the city. It’s a movie, I got all my niggas with me. you know we flexin on them niggas when we pull up. It’s a celebration, gone throw yo hood up.”

– Azar X Litty ft. Allo

This dynamic duo from the south side of Chicago joined forces for a vibe-filled club banger. With the hook (quoted above) one can’t help but to absorb the “fuck all the bullshit, I’m finna turn up” energy radiating from the two artists.  With the flow changes, metaphors, and overall delivery from both Azar and Allo, you will be an idiot to miss out on this record. Shot by DineroFilms, click the visual below and let me know if we should Replay or Throw it Away?


If you recall a few months ago, Azar was the feature on the single “Destiny” from artist Betty Mae. Although he will turn your song into something you never knew it could be, Azar is much more than just a feature. He shows the world this with his debut album Lost Nights 2  that dropped March 23rd on all music platforms.


The man is a writer, visionary, hustler, and overall artist. Let’s start supporting the art – not what’s popular… Click the link, go over to Tidal, and purchase Lost Nights 2, your ears will appreciate it.



Aye! Don’t be shy mayne! Leave your comments below. If you think somebody should get added to our Replay or Throw it away? hit me up on Instagram @_chiboy_ or @GossipTrap 


*Pictures from Azar’s Instagram. Video from YouTube.

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