22 Year Old Rapper Lil Lonnie Shot And Killed While Driving

Up and coming rapper Lil Lonnie was shot and killed last night in Mississippi. He was shot while driving which caused him to crash into the front of a house and was pronounced dead at the scene. The female passenger who was in the SUV at the time was unharmed.

The 22 year old artist was on the rise, especially in the South. He was influenced by rappers such as Lil Boosie, and took advice from rapper 50 Cent to stay consistent with music and to leave the streets alone. When asked what he was going to do with his first mega check, Lil Lonnie said he wanted to buy his family a house.

“I want to be the next icon people look up to. I want to motivate others around from where I’m from because not too many get the recognition I do, and I just want to bring that impact to where I’m from and help people out. I’m willing to open the door to everybody.” He said in a 2016 interview with Dj Smallz.

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