Women Making Moves in 2018: Seamstress, Trice Chanelle

Meet the Mastermind of The Trap House of Fashion,

Trice Chanelle

Hailing from the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, IL, Patrice Hensley – better known as Trice Chanelle – is starting to implant her mark on the city; one stitch at a time. The youngest and most outspoken of four children, she understood she had a gift for uplifting people during any time – and though her mother couldn’t afford the tuition for a performing arts school, Trice found a place of peace while entertaining her siblings in the living room.

With her passion for music, Trice applied for and landed an internship with WGCI’s DJ Moondawg. While holding the position, she heard of a Janet Jackson back ground dancers audition and had the opportunity to try out for it.

Although she did not make the list of dancers, she understood the path she began to follow was worth it. While one set of her next audition, Oxygen’s Dance Your Ass Off, Trice had the chance to speak with the costume designer and became infatuated with the entire department. The way the designers came up with new looks for every person’s shape and size on the show was what she yearned to do.


Instead of dancing, Trice gained a new passion for the entertainment industry; fashion. She enrolled in the International Academy Of Design And Technology (IADT), gaining an F in her first sewing class. Not understanding the reason behind her hardships within the classroom setting, she started to give up on her dream of designing. The failing fueled her determination for seeking more wisdom from an industry full of evolution. With that and the motivational pushes from her peers, she did not stop until she completed her courses with flying colors.


Thanks to determination and great discipline, Trice turned her L’s into life long lessons. In 2017, she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. On graduation day, she posted a photo with the hashtag Trap House of Fashion, and everything after that is history. Her credits range from costumes for the Bud Billiken Parade to formal ball gowns.



She is a young woman using the tools she was given to create something beautiful. She is hustling to push innovational style in the city of Chicago and I believe she is worthy of being one of the #WomenMakingMoves in 2018.

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