Jujaun Walker: A Rising Chicago Actor You Should Know

Chicago has a sea of new talent, all displaying their talent via social media.

A lot of young talent has spread throughout the city, from the south side to the north side along with east and west. But we would like to introduce you all to a 23 year old actor by the name of Jujaun Walker, he has starred in many web series and short films one being “Not Me”another one titled “Officer Friendly” where he plays a very funny rookie officer.

I got a chance to speak to him and ask him a few questions, check our interview out below:

D: What Made you wanna become a actor?

J: I’ve been acting all my life. I feel by acting and entertaining the audience I can stop the stress and struggle of people’s every day life. I can bring the love, laughter and smiles out of people. As long as they are happy and satisfied with the enthusiasm and entertainment I am giving them, I am the happiest person in the world.

D: Whats your favorite movie of all time?

J: I dont have a favorite movie, but my favorite genre of movies would be Horror and Comedy.

D:  Where are you from?

J: I was born and raised in East St. Louis, Illinois, but I have made a name for myself in Chicago also.

D: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

J: In the next five years I see myself in movies and tv shows. Also I see myself contributing to charities.

D: What motivates you on a daily?

J: Waking up every day, thanking god for another day to be able to do what I love to do. I have the passion for acting and to entertain everyone. My motivation is my mom. She has been through so much fighting breast cancer and going through chemo. It was stressful seeing her go down that road. I just want to make her smile.

D: Name some of your upcoming projects your working on?

J: I am currently working on a web series called “Officer Friendly” and I am also doing independent films, building my resume and gaining credits for IMDb.

Follow Him on Instagram: @Bluujk23

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