Young Moguls on the Rise

Meet 16 Year Old Designer, Angelo McCaskle, Jr.

Before 2018 ends, I want to shine light on individuals from younger generations that are focused on growth within themselves. A lot of Millennials and their offspring (Generation Z and so on) are seen as incompetent or flat out dumb when it comes to building a home, a brand, and a life that is successful – for them – by society. However, that is not the case at all and with this segment, Young Moguls on the Rise, I will help disengage mine – and generations behind me – from the idiotic logic of the demographers and researchers. There are young people in the world grinding, hard, and this brother I introduce to you is no exception to that.

Angelo McCaskle, Jr. is a 16 year old with the desire to end the segregation between Christian and Secular clothing. Certain wardrobes are seen unfit for Christians to wear, but he believes he has a solution for that with his clothing brand ADM Fashion.

“I started my clothing brand, ADM fashion in 2016. My goals were to make trendy clothing, but I’m a big believer in God [so] I wanted to make trendy Christian & secular clothing. I did [that] because I want teens to be able to wear [their love for God] boldly…” 
– Angelo McCaskle, Jr.

The inspiration for ADM Fashion came to the designer as he helped to design a shirt for his 6th grade class. The shirt promoted going to college and once the project ended, the serenity he received from it showed him that he needed to start making clothes. By the 7th grade, he gained the “Godfidence” to create his first blog before embarking onto his first clothing website.

“I like having my company with multiple options. There’s Christian clothing, women’s clothing, and men’s clothing. Everyone can enjoy it…”

Since the launch of  McCaskle, Jr.’s company,  he has been a part of fashion shows every season. He has graced the front page of Northwest Indiana Times, and was a feature for his High School’s news paper. His website has grown as well. Within a 30-day span, his average views total over 3,000 people from all around the United States. 

You can help him grow his brand by visiting his website and by following his Instagram @angelomccaskle.

There are many youngins out here hustling to change the trajectory of societal norms. This 16 year old designer is one of them. That makes him a Young Mogul on the Rise. With all of our support, he will be able to continue making it happen.

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*Images provided by Angelo McCaskle, Jr. – no copyright infringement intended. 

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